Windows 10 Team is a specialized edition of Windows 10 that includes a number of custom collaboration tools and functions, that is currently only available on Windows Surface

That naturally leads to the question “What is Windows Surface Hub?”.  Windows Surface Hub is a 55″ or 84″ LCD touch screen with an integrated PC running Windows 10 Team that is used in corporate offices for collaboration and conferencing.

The Surface Hub is priced at about USD$9000 for the 55″ version and $22000 for the 84″ version.  If you are in Canada, like me, the complete line of Surface Hub products and peripherals has pricing

The integrated PC is currently using a 4th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, with an SSD and two 1080P cameras.  Full details on the Surface Hub can be found HERE on the Microsoft site.

This video from Microsoft on what it new in the Creators Update 1703 for the Microsoft Surface Hub provides an excellent demonstration of what this system does.



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