If you are looking for a 14″ corporate grade laptop with serious performance, the Dell Latitude 5480 is for you.  In this video review of the Dell 5480, our sample runs an Intel Core 7 Quad Core CPU (8 threads!) with 16 GB of RAM displayed on a 1920 x 1080 touchscreen using a backlit keyboard.

In this video we show the features and performance of the Dell Lat 5480 using NovaBench Benchmarking Software.  We also show how to dismantle the Dell 5480.  Well that is a pretty serious overstatement;  we show you how to pull the back of and then most of the balance is self explanatory.  Note that one of the big reasons the 5480 is so fast is because of the 64GB SSD addon that is new “Intel Optane” technology.

For some reason, the Dell Latitude 5480 is hard to find on the Dell site.  Even doing a search for it on that site does not always turn it up.  So if you are looking for a Dell 5480 click HERE (note that we were not paid for this review or these links)

For your comparison you might find this bevy of benchmarks useful:




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George · May 8, 2018 at 4:29 am

I’ve been using the Latitude E6430 for quite some and I must say that Dell does indeed a wonderful job with their machines. Mine is a bit more bulky than yours due to the extra ports but I’m loving it.

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