SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Replace The Bulb in a BenQ Projector

If you have a projector, the bulb is eventually going to die and you are going to have to replace that bulb.  Projector bulbs do three things, turn on, turn off and fail.  It is inevitable.

In this short video we show how to disassemble the top of a BenQ MW824ST projector to access the bulb housing and replace it.

Note that when you are buying BenQ projector bulbs that they often come in two modes, one with the housing and the other is just the bulb.  Take it from me and my experience, it is worth the extra $10 to buy the replacement bulb with the housing.  Disassembling the projector bulb housing is a real pain.

There are many places to source these bulbs but I typically end up using Amazon

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