SOLVED: VIDEO: Determine Source of Traffic For a Specific Page Using Google Analytics

If you use Google Analytics to keep metrics on your website you likely already know that there is no prebuilt report showing you the source of traffic for any one page on your web site.  I find this very unusual because knowing where your visitors are coming from for you most successful pages can really help you tweak your site content.

Fortunately there is an easy way to create a report in Google Analytics that will show you the source of a specific page’s traffic.  Even better, you can create this report in less than one minute:

  1. Sign into
  2. Click BEHAVIOR (left menu)
  4. Change the first drop down to SOURCE
  5. Click ADD SEGMENT (at the top beside the ALL USERS filter)
  6. Click the NEW SEGMENT button (red)
  7. Click CONDITIONS (bottom left)
  8. Change the first drop down (likely AD CONTENT) to TITLE
  9. Put part of the title into the empty field
  10. Type a name in the SEGMENT NAME field (top left)
  11. Click the SAVE button (blue)
  12. Enjoy

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