cambridge-analytica-power-of-big-data-in-elections-facebook-data-scandalBelow are the two key facts in the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica Scandal involving the misuse of about 50 Million Facebook subscribers data.

  1. The original app data was volunteered, legally collected and did even breach Facebooks terms of use
  2. The data was used to figure out HOW to target people, using data that would be collected during the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign most likely legally and voluntarily

As much as we question Trump’s competence, we must all stick to the facts and not go off on flights of fancy that fit our political narratives.   As is often the case, we are all easily distracted by the loudest voice in the room so we miss the key point.

What we should all be concerned about is that so many people volunteer details of our personal lives and beliefs.  That is the problem here.

For the full story, timeline, video and infographic on the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal see our sister sites full explanation HERE.


George · March 26, 2018 at 10:01 pm

Yeah, but to be fair, the majority of FB users only provide information such as city/country of residual, pics of them while hanging out for coffee, and stuff like that. Not a lot of stuff that people can take advantage off.

Ageraluon · March 25, 2018 at 5:03 am

I disagree to 1. The data was collected from
a) the app’s users, who agreed to give their data away (minor part) and
b) the users’ friends, who did not consent or were informed of the data use. The app collected their personal information anyway (largest part of the dataset by far).

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