SOLVED: Cannot Ping Device From Some Computers On Network

ping-2If you have a device (webcam, printer, PC, server…) that you can connect from from most computers on your network but not others, there are two common reasons for you to investigate:

  1. The device has a firewall or antivirus product that is actively blocking the traffic
  2. The device has a misconfigured network, specifically the Subnet Mask

In my case, I was working on a security appliance that was using a statically assigned for the subnet mask when it should have been 1 class C larger  This meant that all of the PC’s with an IP in the lowest range ( could connect fine but PC’s in the second range ( could not.  It was a simple fix to correct the subnet mask but it took me 2 frustrating hours to figure out so I thought my pain might be your gain.


  1. Try to ping the IP address (not the name) of both the PC and the device you cannot connect to, from themselves
  2. Try to ping the IP address (not the name) of both the PC and the device you cannot connect to, from a different PC, preferably in a different location (different floor, office…)
  3. Turn off any firewalls, AV or Malware protection (yes, just for a minute so you can test)
  4. Check the Subnet mask on both systems
  5. In an elevated CMD prompt, try TRACERT <IPADDRESS> to see where the traffic stops
  6. In an elevated CMD prompt, try NETSTAT -R to list off the routes and see if anything seems odd
  7. If pinging the hostname is not working but the IP address is, you may have something misconfigured in your DNS or your HOSTS file so check your HOSTS file stored under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  8. If the device you cannot connect to has a DHCP address, assign it a static IP, Subnet and DNS
  9. Reboot both the PC and the device to clear any routing issues or crashed services
  10. If all else fails, the problem may be in a network switch between the PC and the failing device so manually clearing the ARP table on that switch (or switches) or just rebooting that switch may help


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