Solved: Community Gaming and Where to Find It

pink-screen-white-torsoIt is relatively easy for a video game to introduce a communal element. By creating an online mode in which players exist in the same universe, whether with the aim of working together or competing against one another, video games can move beyond the game’s core narrative to offer something that allows bonds to be made. Online casino games don’t have the same opportunity when it comes to offering new modes, but there are ways in which online casinos can offer community gaming.

The general perception of online gambling is that it has to be a solitary pursuit, but this is no longer the case. The growth of social networks has redefined how we interact with the internet, with this change now impacting on the world of online gambling.

A traditionally isolated endeavour, therefore, becomes collaborative thanks to Bet Share. Users can build up relationships of trust with other bettors, whether sharing findings of value in markets or advising against a certain bet. When a bet wins, those who engaged in the community share in that victory. While a personal triumph is always welcomed, being able to share in that success elevates the feeling of gratification.

The same is true in the popular slot game from the developer Mazooma, Cops ‘N Robbers. Mazooma have formed a reputation as a champion of the potential social elements of gaming with online slots, another activity that is traditionally solitary. Cops ‘N Robbers was once commonplace in high-street bookmakers before transitioning to online casinos, a reflection of the growing trend away from physical gambling. More information can be found here:

cell-hand-robotPlayers can communicate across any casino that offers Community Cops ‘N Robbers thanks to the chat functionality. That function offers more than just communication, as all players can benefit when any gamer in the lobby activates a special bonus. That fosters a sense of camaraderie that most online casino games cannot offer. It is fitting that a slot game that was so successful in physical locations is helping to bring atmosphere and conversations into the world of online gambling.

Competition is just as much a key part of community gaming as collaboration. Many online casinos offer leaderboards so that players can track their performance against others. When there are prizes available for topping the leaderboard in a specific time period, a new dimension is added to online gaming. Competition often leads to friendship, as players may witness the same familiar names just above or just below them in the leaderboard and recognise a kindred spirit.

Through social networks, chat functions and leaderboards, community gaming is beginning to thrive in the world of online gambling. With more people choosing to gamble through their Windows computer or cell phone, it is important to retain a sense of community.

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