SOLVED: What is NETWORK SIGN-IN & IVE LOGIN, and How To Remove Them

network-sign-in-ive-login-windows10If you see a NETWORK SIGN-IN option at the bottom right of your Windows 10 login screen, it is giving you the option to sign in to your corporate network by connecting to the VPN first.  If you click NETWORK SIGN-IN you will see a gold lock icon with an IVE LOGIN prompt.

The idea here is that you have some VPN software installed on the PC and so you can launch the VPN right at login so everything works for your user just like being in the office.  They do not have to login to the PC then manually login to a VPN.  This means things like login scripts will work.

Pulse Secure, however, changed their VPN solution from the old Juniper based NETWORK CONNECT software, to Pulse’s newer PULSE SECURE app.  The PULSE SECURE app does not provide the ability to VPN in at login.  You must login to your computer, then start the VPN.  So, if you are using a Pulse Secure VPN, you most likely should remove the old NETWORK CONNECT software and that will remove the NETWORK SIGN-IN, IVE LOGIN options.

uninstall-pulse-secure-network-connectYou can uninstall NETWORK CONNECT in one of three easy ways:

  1. Use ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS, or the new Windows 10 APPS AND FEATURES apps
  2. Manually click on C:\Program Files (x86)\Pulse Secure\Network Connect 8.2\uninstall.exe
  3. Use a deployment tool like PDQ to run the uninstaller C:\Program Files (x86)\Pulse Secure\Network Connect 8.2\uninstall.exe

    Obviously you may need to adjust the path in options 2 and 3 to match the build of Network Connect you have.

I figured this out on my own after working with Pulse Secure support for about an hour, but if you want more information you may find THIS and THIS article useful.

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