College students are a special category of people who can successfully juggle study and work, sleep 3-4 hours per nights, and, at the same time, manage to spare time for parties and hanging out with friends. Luckily for us, we live in the age of advanced technologies that are called to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The latest technological innovations are always there for hard-working, busy, and extremely tired students. Check out the best gadgets that can help you become more productive and efficient in college, especially with a coursework writing service.

# 1 Tablet PCs

tabletThere’s a deep-rooted belief that laptops are the best tools for studying. Still, when it comes to using them in college, students start facing unexpected inconveniences. First, laptops are quite expensive, which often becomes an issue for frugal learners. Second, even the lightest portable laptops prove quite inconvenient when it comes to using them in practice. Still, there’s a great alternative to laptops, which is tablet PCs. Tablets are famous for their small size and long battery life. You can use them as e-readers. A tablet also may serve as a handy electronic notepad, which is indispensable during lectures. You can also connect to your campus Wi-Fi on your tablet to download a textbook or get professional coursework help from a reliable online academic writing service. Apple iPad Air and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are among the most popular tablets suitable for both study and entertainment. (Exactly what students need.) Moreover, Microsoft’s Surface boasts a keyboard add-on wherewith the tablet can be easily transformed into a laptop. If you’re looking for less expensive gadgets, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available on the market.

# 2 Wireless Printers

printerAny college student knows how bothersome and time-consuming it is to print out your assignment in your college library or a learning resource center. Nobody likes lining up and waiting until hordes of other students print out their essays and projects. And as we know, students are often short of time. With a wireless printer, you can be sure that you’ll be able to print any assignment in the comfort of your dorm room whenever necessary.

# 3 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

sony headphonesIt’s not a secret that distraction is the worst enemy of students who need a quiet place to concentrate and absorb information. No wonder, more and more learners opt for noise- cancelling headphones which create an ideal noise-free environment for learners. Investing in this gadget, you can be 100 percent sure that no extraneous sounds will bother you, be it in the library, college cafeteria, or on the campus lawn.  There’re plenty of options to choose from. If you value performance and elegance and aren’t on a tight budget, you may opt for the Bose or Sony series, whose later versions even boast support for Google Assistant and Alexa. Still, if this option appears too pricey, you may avail yourself of a more budget-friendly Monoprice set.  Either way, with noise-cancelling headphones, you’ll be able to create a studious atmosphere in any place.

# 4 Plagiarism Checker Apps

Any college student knows how important it is to create original papers. Online and cloud-base plagiarism detection tools come in handy when it’s necessary to check a college paper for duplicate content. One of the most comprehensive and accurate plagiarism checkers is Copyleaks. This plagiarism detection app can be used on any smartphone or tablet operating under Mac and Android. You can also opt for Edusson legit plagiarism checker, an online tool that allows you to quickly check an essay or any other type of your college assignment for plagiarism.

# 5 Test Anxiety Apps

Most students have difficulty coping with test anxiety overwhelming them on the eve of an important test or a final. This may lead to unwanted stress and inability to perform well on an exam. If you’re one of those sufferers incapable of keeping your test-related anxiety under control, you may want to check out such applications as Breathe2Relax, Breathing Zone, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep, Anxiety BC, and other apps that can help you ease anxiety. With the help of test anxiety apps, you’ll gain control of your breathing and learn how to take your mind off unreasonable worries and anxieties.


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