If you are looking for a room booking screen to sit in front of a Boardroom / Huddle Room / Focus Room … and you want to avoid middleware servers or monthly subscription expenses and complexity, you can use the Crestron TSS-7.  The TSS7 is easy to configure to display calendar information directly from Hosted Exchange (like Office 365), On-Premises Exchange or even GMail.

If the video below, we unbox a brand new Crestron TSS-7, add the optional backlight kit, configure it to pull a calendar directly from Office 365 Exchange (click here for free 30 day trial) and then mount the unit to a wall.

Here are the files we promised in the video above:

  1. Configure Crestron TSS-7 For Office 365 Hosted Exchange
  2. Configure Crestron TSS-7 For On-Prem Exchange Server
  3. Crestron TSS-7 Installation & Configuration Manual
  4. Crestron TSS-7 January 2019 Firmware – the firmware is labeled TSW but is also for the TSS

It is important to note that the TSS-7 looks very much like the TSS-752, but the TSS-752 is older and will not direct connect to Exchange or Gmail.

We settled on the Crestron TSS-7 because it did not require a server or a monthly subscription to operate making its total cost of ownership much less than all its competitors.  If you want to see our evaluation and pricing grid to see how we ended up with the TSS-7, see our article: SOLVED: Pricing and Details of How To Select a Boardroom Reservation System

They can also work with monthly services like Robin, EMS, Teem, Zoom and others but to me those monthly fees make them of no interest. TSS-7’s can also work with a Crestron Fusion server but I want to connect my room reservation screen DIRECTLY to a mail server.

We sourced our Crestron TSS-7’s from Sentient Systems who gave us a much better price than the retail list (shown HERE) and drop shipped the Crestron products directly to our offices so we had no delays.


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