crime scene computerIf you surf to a website that is used for phishing or has malware on it, you should report it.  The question is where to report bad sites?

Below is a list of websites you can very easily report bad / phishing / malicious web pages.  They are listed in order of easy of use / value.  Many of these simply ask you to paste in the URL address:

  1. Google: 
  2. Norton / Symantec:
  3. Microsoft:
  4. ESET:
  5. PhishTank:
  6. CyberCops:
  7. StopBadWare:

You also might want to consider these two:

  1. US Law Enforcement: – this one is a pain because it wants all your information
  2. BitCoinWhosWho: – Bitcoin / Crypto currency scams only

All of these sites will eventually share there results with the others so you only need to report to one site but it can / will take days for them to talk so we suggest you report malicious sites using more than one of the above links.


Sanjay Kumar · April 25, 2019 at 12:14 pm


This topic is very helpful for secure internet browsing.We have found regularly many malicious sits which may harm our PC or brake the security. So, this topic must do the awareness people.

Punkaj · April 17, 2019 at 7:34 am

Great Help. I was searching How to report malicious site to Google. Thanks for sharing this.

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