SOLVED: Where To Report Phishing or Malicious Web Sites

crime scene computerIf you surf to a website that is used for phishing or has malware on it, you should report it.  The question is where to report bad sites?

Below is a list of websites you can very easily report bad / phishing / malicious web pages.  They are listed in order of easy of use / value.  Many of these simply ask you to paste in the URL address:

  1. Google: 
  2. Norton / Symantec:
  3. Microsoft:
  4. ESET:
  5. PhishTank:
  6. CyberCops:
  7. StopBadWare:

You also might want to consider these two:

  1. US Law Enforcement: – this one is a pain because it wants all your information
  2. BitCoinWhosWho: – Bitcoin / Crypto currency scams only

All of these sites will eventually share there results with the others so you only need to report to one site but it can / will take days for them to talk so we suggest you report malicious sites using more than one of the above links.

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