laptop child green blackboard background schoolNot a long time ago, many teachers believed that technology used to distract students. It was a completely wrong belief that technology keeps students from focusing. Students were not allowed to use computers and phones in the classroom. Luckily, the situation has changed, and teachers referred to another solution to harness tech-savvy and make everything possible to engage young people with online technology tools to help them complete college assignments more straightforward and faster. The majority of the students are too busy. When a student has to write a college paper, the find thing that comes to his or her mind is to find online service with good writers and send the request “write me a paper.” However, if you do not want to pay for such services, you should use an online tool for working on a research paper, a presentation, a science project, or a report. High-technology tools will make the process much more pleasant.

Young people live in the world, which requires them to be tech-savvy. Technology plays an essential role in-classroom experience.

Here are the best tools to engage students in the classroom:

girl laptop child schoolgradesWhite Noise

Teachers always find it challenging to engage students and make them focused on specific content, an assignment, or something else. The problem to focus comes from the fact that the classroom is not the best places to do that. Students have to deal with background noise. White Noise can help in drowning out excess noise. It will help students to concentrate.

Cold Turkey

Inevitably, students will not be super happy to see this tool because a teacher can use it to mitigate the amount of multitasking, which many students do all the time on their computers. It is a tool which can block certain websites to help students focus on the assignment. Using this tool, every student will see the difference in terms of productivity.


Offer your students Kahoot!, which is an excellent tool for creating in-class questionnaires and fun quizzes. Use it to obtain various data for graphing assignments, feedback from mates, and data for research papers. Kahoot! Can be compatible with multiple devices. Students will appreciate its game-like feel, which boosts their interest.


Data literacy is critical these days. Encourage your students to collect data from various sources and teach them how to visualize it in an free infographic maker. Venngage will help students to gain a new useful skill. Using this tool, you will get access to various eye-catching infographic templates, which are fully editable.


Young people indeed have the habit of multitasking. Trello is an excellent tool for your students on how to organize and streamline their college assignments. It is free and very easy-to-use for creating workflow charts. You can use a single board and add several students for better collaboration on college projects.


Plickers is a convenient tool for educational purposes. Students will boost their concentration and engagement on the needed material. Use this tool to project questions onto their screen and engage students to answer them in real-time. A teacher will see the answers of students on the phone screen. A teacher will see the list of students who have responded to and who have not yet.


Nearpod is excellent for creating interactive and exciting lessons. You can stream your content on the screen and see the responses of your students in real-time. It is also convenient for students because they can keep in touch with the teacher, ask questions, and receive feedback.


When we speak about presentations, most people think about PowerPoint. Let’s be honest and admit that it is not the most engaging program for students. Still, it is highly-efficient in business. Encourage your students to use Prezi for creating stunning presentations. Each presentation created in Prezi looks very creative and eye-catching. Many students claim that the process of creating a presentation is more exciting and smooth in Prezi. Also, do not forget that Prezi allows to publish presentations online on students’ accounts and share with classmates.

Class Dojo

Young people hate seriosity. It is much better to create a fun atmosphere in the classroom using Class Dojo. Every student can make his or her own avatar, gain/lose points, which are based on behavior in the school, and other skills set by the teacher. Class Dojo can be used for taking students’ attendance, creating graphs to breakdown the information for teachers. Try its key metrics feature to adjust the main teaching tactics accordingly.

laptop hands upConclusion

Using technology in the classroom has its pros and cons. If you have a creative approach to modern education, you will use all the benefits we get thanks to technology. Be the best example to your students how to use online tools smartly, not to get distracted but rather to focus and simplify the learning process.


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