What should you study to land a job in 2030?

The future depends on your ability to deal with novelty and complexity. By working together with other young professionals, you can create a better world for the generations that are about to come. You will probably deal with numerous challenges and work with robots, you can only imagine now.

Professors face the daunting task to prepare your generation for the automation era. Don’t fear the unknown future, its potential will unveil new jobs and you need to be ready to deal with competition.

The world evolves, and progress comes at a faster pace than we expect. There’s never been a better time to learn skills that can make a difference.

Studies show that by 2025, automation will take five million jobs. But young people can access a wide range of new jobs that will be available when automation will rule the world. Innovation and creation will be the keywords when applying for a new job. Advancements in tech and robots will combine to provide you with the needed tools to identify the right solutions to a complex problem, and they will provide countless new career opportunities.

What areas of study should you focus on to land a job in 2020-2050s?

Long story short, you should future proof a job by studying science, technology, mathematics and engineering.

astronaut - blue black earthCommercial Space Pilot

Now, we can only dream at the day when space travel will be something we can do as a one-day-trip. But with programs like the ones SpaceX launched, this opportunity is closer than we imagine. If you have always dreamt to become a pilot, this is the moment to focus on commercial space transport. Being a well-skilled pilot will allow you to pilot ships in the space and discover places no other human has visited before.

You should study aerospace, technology, astronomy, and engineering to land this job. Being a space pilot requires more than the ability to control a ship, you need to gain knowledge about the universe, about how complex machinery work, and how you can solve critical situations when flying out of the planet. Join a university with a space institute to provide you access to a top-notch curriculum, and the latest space mission concepts and technology.

Another way to land a space pilot job is to join a reputable astrophysics department with skilled professionals that can personalize the subjects according to your interests and skills.

Astronomy is a subject you can study online if you want to improve your knowledge.

Extinct species revivalist

Have you ever imagined how it would be to bring dinosaurs, dragons, and elephant birds back to life? In the future, scientists will play an essential role in reviving species and creating new ones from the DNA samples they discovered. The humankind has always wondered what it would be to live together with extinct predecessors, and science can offer this opportunity.

To get the needed skills to become an extinct species revivalist, you need to study broad subjects from ecology to biology and medicine. This research is highly collaborative, so you’ll need to partner with specialists from different domains to understand how you can revive species and how you can keep them alive. Evolutionary biology is a subject you should specialize in if you want to understand what factors lead to the extinction of certain species.

Animal biology can help you build a bridge between general biological sciences and applied animal husbandry strategies and evolution.

Organ or body part creator

More and more people need a new organ to survive. The list for organ donors is longer than ever, even if many people choose to donate their organs. However, science can help patients in need of a new organ or body part because new progress was made in stem cell research and 3-D printing. Scientists can grow new organs according to the patient’s need.

If you want to save lives, then you should study science. The best universities in the world have departments of molecular and cellular biology, so you should join one. However, it’s hard to be admitted to one of the best biomedical programs in the world, so you need to train hard to gain knowledge. During high-school, you should attend online science courses to get ready for the admission exam. When you major in cellular biology you can understand how RNA structure functions, what’s the movement of chromosomes, and how organ development works.

Another way to create body parts or organs is to join the medical school. When you understand what conditions lead to organ failure, you can combine your knowledge with the skills of a bioengineer and create an organ that functions properly.

women holding burning - blueMemory surgeon or mind transfer specialist

Sometimes the human body is too weak to survive, but the mind is too precious to lose it. It’s a pity that so many bright minds were lost in the past because their body was ill. With the latest advancements in technology and neuroscience, it’s possible to upload the human mind to a computer and transfer it into another body. By developing a specialized computer chip, you would be able to facilitate paralysis treatment, enhanced memory and even telepathy.

More and more people are dealing with psychological conditions that deteriorate their life. Even if some treatments are successful in fighting conditions like depression, many other psychological issues remain unsolved. It would be great if you would become a memory surgeon that can remove negative thoughts and help help people live a happy life.

By joining a neuroscience department at a university, you can find more about the techniques used to help people dealing with the above situations. It would be great to study at a university that conducts top-notch research in memory, to help you gain knowledge in technology and memory information. Most of the faculties structure the content in three years, so you should check if there are organizations that provide neuroscience teaching over four years.

Some of the above jobs exist today but in a more traditional form. You should be excited about a future that allows you to land a job that helps the world become a better place.

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