If you are an admin of the Office 365 tenant, you can easily add more licenses for Office, Visio, Project, BI, CRM or anything else and then assign them to your users.

  1. surf to admin.microsoft.com (which I always get to via portal.office.com so I don’t want to remember all of the sub-sites, like Teams, Admin, OneDrive…)
  2. in the SEARCH USERS GROUPS, SETTINGS OR TASKS (top center) type the name of the person you want to check the license for (perhaps you), and then click on them
  3. click EDIT beside PRODUCT LICENSES
  4. make sure the slider is set to ON for OFFICE 365
  5. expand OFFICE365 if it is not already expanded
  6. make sure the slider is to to ON beside TEAMS

If you are stuck on any of these items, you can post a question in the COMMENTS section below and we will help or you can click the blue “?” at the bottom right of the screen (older versions of the admin center have a red NEED HELP button in the same location), run through the automated support assistant.

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