There is soooo much talk of 5G cellular technology today we decided to put together a simple infographic and chart explaining the differences.

Click to Expand Graphic3G 4G 5G Low Medium and High Band Infographic

This information was gathered from many different sources and people will argue over the details presented here.  For instance AT&T has what they claim is a new “5G Evolution” service which is really just 4G LTE Pro. AT&T relates it to 5G because, on the one hand, they are behind the other big players in deploying real 5G while on the other hand 5G Evo is about as fast as many real 5G ‘low band’ deployments.

GenerationTechnology / BrandingYear PopularizedReal Max Download in 2020Real Lag/Latency in 2020Distance from TowersFrequency
3GHSPA200525-100Mb/second60 milliseconds75 Kilometers.8 1.4 2.1 & 3.4Ghz
4G LTE200950-150Mb/second50 milliseconds75 Kilometers.85 and 1.9Ghz
4G LTE Pro (AT&T calls this “5G Evolution”)2015100-300Mb/second30 milliseconds50 kilometersMany
5GLow Band 2020100-300Mb/second15 milliseconds25 Kilometers.6 to .7Ghz
5GMedium Band2020300-900Mb/second10 milliseconds5 kilometers2 to 6Ghz
5G High Band (aka “Millimeter Wave”)20191000-3000Mb/second5 millisecondsShort – Need many more towers28 to 38Ghz




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