If you are looking for a new cell, you are in the right place.  Samsung just released its new “FE” or Fan Edition of their Galaxy S20 line.

Compared to the “real” S20, the S20 FE is missing a few features:

  • Lower resolution screen (2400×1080 VS 3200×1440
  • Lesser cameras (8mp telephoto VS 64mp telephoto)
  • Less RAM (6GB vs 12GB)

But it is better specs in other important areas:

  • Larger screen (6.5″ VS 6.2″)
  • Bigger battery (4500mAh VS 4000mAH)
  • Smoother game play (fewer pixels means the CPU/GPU’s don’t have to work as hard and less data has to be transferred)

However the most important feature that the “Fan Edition” has over its more prestigious rival is the price.  An S20 FE 5G is just $700 which compares favorably to the original S20 at $1000.

Put that all together an you have a winner.

In this video we unbox a new S20 FE, review it and compare it to a phone you might be upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9.

If you want a detailed spec, we have a lovely grid comparison of the Samsung S9, S20, S20 FE, S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra.




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