A week ago, we considered all of the fitness bands less than $175:

Amazfit Band 5Google Fitbit Charge 4Google Fitbit Inspire 2Google Fitbit Inspire HR
Honor Band 5Honor Band 5iSamsung Watch Active2Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy FiteSamsung Galaxy Fit2Xiaomi Mi Band 5

and built a complete feature grid on HERE.  We then settled on the AmazFit Band 5 which just went on sale for just USD$35 at B&H .  B&H shipped a dozen of these to us in Canada for with only a $30 customs fee (i.e. free shipping).  That brings the Canadian dollar price to just under $50 each.

Below we unbox, setup and provide complete review of the AmazFit Band 5.  We discuss everything from Alexa, to AI used for heart heath monitoring, to the parent company (Huami) privacy risks:

In the end we love this device and at just USD $35 it is well below the USD $100 corporate present limit that most companies have.

We are going to give the AmazFit Band 5’s away as Christmas presents to our customers this year.

In normal years, we buy Christmas themed mugs and stuff them full of individually wrapped Lindt chocolate balls, biscotti other other seasonal treats.  We then go into our clients offices on off hours and drop off these presents like Santa Clause, which is really a tonne of fun for us.   The cost for that traditional mug full of chocolate comes in somewhere near $20 per unit.  In 2020 however we have fewer customers and it seems fitting (pun intended) to help people with their health.

We feel this device is a good deal at double the price.

I am wearing the one that is shown in the video now and while I have found a few items I am concerned about (i.e. I can’t find where the elevation & stair climbing information is), I am very happy with the AmazFit Band 5.

If you want to know how to setup the advanced features on a Band 5, we have the top 10 changes you likely want to make explained HERE.


Sam B Murphree · December 22, 2020 at 10:02 pm

just got my amzfit band 5 and spent the last 5 hours trying to get this thing to pair and it will just not do it–toggled bluetooth umpteen times–rebooted phone–reinstalled zepp app twice–fully charged battery–tried to add device to app many times witn no luck–airplane mode off–etc etc
app says device not connected and phone samsung galaxy says band 5 connected–any ideas–had many bluetooth devices but no problems like this–cant believe that they are actually selling this thing–1000s of complaints on the net of not being able to connect to bluetooth–dont think i would be giving these things as Xmas presents unless you really want to agrivate the recipients–this is truely beyond the pale frustration wise–i am assuming that you had no problem with connection and setup–absoluting amazing that anyone would make such a sophisticated product with so many great features with crappy bluetooth that wont connect–bad bluetooth = continuous agrivation and frustration–better to toss it and be done with it rather than continue to suffer with it–oh well guess i should have read a few more reviews before i bought it–any suggestions would be appreciated though–thanks

    Ian Matthews · December 30, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Hi Sam;

    We have about 20 of them that were given to family and good corporate customers, without a single complaint. Perhaps the unit you have is just defective. I would ask for a replacement.

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