Employee retention is one of the major challenges that is mostly faced by organizations. There many factors that help employees decide whether they wish to continue working for you or they want to take the exit.

A few of these common factors include timely salaries, growth prospects, skill development, culture, and many more.

With an effective payroll program, you can certainly help make the decision a lot easier for your employees. This payroll system helps you to accurately measure the work hours of your employees, their attendance, and also their leaves. You can figure out who is on what leave, how many leaves does one have, and if anyone’s sick in order to delegate the tasks accordingly.

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In this article, you can read about a few of the top payroll tools that you can definitely add to your list when it comes to finding the one that fits well with your business and your goals.


Gusto is a payroll software that has been developed keeping in mind the modern-day workplaces and employers. Today, no one really has enough bandwidth to tally and go over the reports again and again.

Allowing you to avoid outsourcing your payrolls, this tool helps you build better relationships with your employees. After all, no more of third party payrolls. This is an easy-to-use tool that is a go-to for most HRs.

Features of Gusto:

  • Allows employees to access the portal.
  • Capable of setting reminders for timely pays and salaries.
  • Easy to track leaves and attendance.
  • Includes time tracking of work hours and hours on the basis of a project.

APS Payroll

Built specifically for small and midsized businesses, APS Payroll is a tool that is perfect for those companies that are in the need of a unified system for not only payroll but also to track attendance. This is also a tool for those who require full-service tax compliance.

It has often proven to be one of the most cost-effective payroll tools for tech companies out there. The main aim of this vendor is to make workforce management a cakewalk for the human leaders out there.

Features of APS Payroll:

  • Easy to calculate overtime.
  • HRs can schedule interviews and keep track with this tool.
  • Track leaves and attendance.
  • Allows for easy payroll integration.

Corporate Payroll Services

Running in the rat race ever since 1991, Corporate Payroll Services is a tool that was started to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to process payrolls and report or file taxes.

Unlike many other payroll tools out there, Corporate Payroll Services have payroll experts who offer one-on-one service to the companies. This allows stakeholders to shift their complete focus on the business while the tool takes care of all the additional tasks.

Features of Corporate Payroll Services:

  • Allows you to do budgeting easily.
  • Gives you email notifications.
  • Calculates the overtime of your employees easily.
  • Offers tracking of time vs expenses effectively and accurately.


Built keeping in mind the need for human capital management, Dayforce is a one-spot app for everything related to all aspects of human capital. This includes payroll, document management, HR management, talent management, and more.

Since this software allows you to manage confidential documents of the employees on the cloud platform, it helps you to increase data security, increase employee productivity as they won’t be looking for documents elsewhere, and also helps you update employee information easily when needed.

Features of Dayforce:

  • Allows you to customize reporting.
  • Offers easy import and export of data.
  • Offers your real-time data.
  • Makes employee onboarding easy.


Payroll tools have been designed specifically to make sure that your employees are being paid what they deserve. These tools help you retain your employees for a longer period of time and make sure you are achieving your organizational goals easily.


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