Today technology has become one of the most vital work tools for facing challenges of our time, especially those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics show that 58% of businesses use video conferencing on a regular basis, having it as part of their daily operations. 

Every modern employee should be aware of the latest trends in video conferencing. Read this article to explore useful information that can facilitate the implementation of technologies in your working process and make it comfortable and safe. You should also consider a video stabilization tool for better communication, so follow the link, and you’ll find more.  

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Enhanced Video Conference Privacy and Security

Every company and business put data security and privacy at the top of their priorities. Today it may be hard to compete in the market because of the large number of organizations who try to benefit from modern technological advancements. Moreover, they may resort to illegal means to get rid of the competitors and try to obtain private data, and harm security.

There are many industries that started adopting video conferencing during and after the pandemic, including transport, trade, education, and healthcare. Organizations pay more attention to storing and accessing their private data. Nowadays, we have a plethora of advanced video conferencing features that provide credible solutions for safe communication to reduce the risk of fraud.

That’s why Windows users need to consider secure encryption that would help avoid interception. You can consider Secure Real-time Transport Protocol and Transport Layer Security for this purpose. Make sure that your online and desktop software for work communication is equipped with multiple authentication levels. It also should regularly run vulnerability scans in order to detect any security issues and fix them in a timely manner.

Tips for Secure Video Conferencing

  • Be careful about sharing meeting information and avoid displaying it openly on social media platforms and your website. Consider adding a CAPTCHA mechanism and email invitations.
  • Choose high-quality, secure business software to protect the upcoming calls with a unique password, serving as the second step of verification. 
  • Consider implementing waiting rooms and checking the participants to prevent unwanted guests from entering the meeting.
  • Do not allow file transfer and automatic screen sharing features if there’s no necessity to deter meeting attacks and prevent attendees from accidentally sharing private data.
  • Save the recording of the meeting only if needed using a unique name and store it on secure work tools with no one having access to it.
  • If you decide to edit the meeting record, use security tools such as Movavi multimedia software or Magisto video editor that will provide you with an unforgettable and safe editing experience. 

Productivity Tools Implementation

Research and Markets say that video conferencing software experienced 62 million downloads in March 2020. This tremendous rise is due to COVID-19, and people do not pay much attention to productivity tools since they suppose that millions use video conferencing without them. If you want to make the best of online meetings, consider implementing advanced productivity tools.

Make sure that your business software possesses features such as secure file exchange, translation, integrations with productivity apps, and video clipping. It will help avoid loss of focus, deteriorated team relationships, and loss of crucial information. Organize your video conference in the best possible way with productivity work tools. They should be accessible to the participants that will improve their user experience and save time. You can also make your video conference more effective using virtual backgrounds that will help to avoid at-home distractions. 

Tips for Productive Video Conferencing

  • Set the meeting agenda and make sure the participants get acquainted with it before the video conference. You may ask them to prepare in advance and test different work tools necessary for a successful online meeting. 
  • Engage every person in the meeting process, giving them the possibility to use shared visuals, online whiteboards, shared screens, spreadsheets, and a chat option.
  • Avoid multitasking and make sure all participants do not distract themselves with things like smartphones or emails. It will contribute to efficient and productive online meetings. 
  • Present the information in a concise and interesting manner, complementing it with fascinating Pinterest images that will provide participants with aesthetic pleasure and lighten the mood. 

If you want to know more about large-scale conferences, check out the article with plenty of useful tips that may assist you in productivity enhancement. 

Improve Video and Sound Quality

If you want to keep pace with the latest video conferencing trends, consider the quality of image and sound provided by your online and desktop software. For good in-person interactions, you should ensure a high video quality that is instrumental for different industry representatives’ communication. 

Starting from 2021, people choose High Definition (HD) video and audio for their Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. With enhanced internet-connected performance, you can benefit from UHD 4K video conferencing that is supported by online and desktop software.

However, sometimes video calls may harm the conference quality, and it will be impossible to hold the meeting. In that case, you can resort to the traditional audio calls. The advanced audio features will offer you great voice quality, resulting in an improved user experience.  

Tips on How To Make Your Sound and Video Quality Better

  • Use a high-quality microphone, and also make sure the microphone built into your laptop or webcam works fine. In any unpredictable situation, use a headset that provides better sound quality than built-in micro. 
  • Test and optimize your microphone using settings where you can adjust volume quality and suppress background noise.
  • Make sure that your microphone doesn’t pick up sound from your speakers, which can harm the meeting quality if you’re using external speakers.
  • A stable internet connection is the main prerequisite for video and audio quality. Connect to a strong network and prepare additional connection means in case something goes wrong. 
  • Improve your video quality with the help of external light sources like a lamp or window. Note that they should be located behind your camera, not your back. 
  • Use your smartphone for video conferences by connecting it with your computer via a special app. EpocCam will help you turn your smartphone into a webcam available to both Windows and Mac users. 
  • You can take advantage of DSLR/DSLM as a Webcam allowing you to change the lenses and blur the background. 


Video conferencing will be an integral part of our life, and we need to benefit from all its advanced features facilitating the work process. Online meetings need to be held using high-quality business software to correspond to the demands of modern times. Today, it’s possible to interact with the team with plenty of means and conference tools, enhancing productivity, saving time and energy. Several years ago, we were unaware of these technical achievements, but how they shape the work process influenced by the pandemic, so make the most of it. 



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