If you are using Windows 10 you no longer need to download utilities to clean the garbage off your hard drive or to figure out what folders are using the most disk space.  Windows 10 Storage Sense is the free integrated disk clean up utility from Microsoft that does the heavy lifting for you.

Storage sense can also be used to make space on your drive by removing files that are backed up onto OneDrive.  We have a separate video on that process HERE. COMING THIS WEEK

What is Windows 10 Storage Sense? 0:00
How to Configure Storage Sense 1:56
Automatic Drive Clean Up Scheduling 2:04
What is Locally Available Content with OneDrive 3:00
How to Use Always Keep On This Device 5:25
What is Optimize Drives 8:16
Remove Unused Programs 8:40
Deleting Temporary Files like Previous Windows Installations 10:05
What is OTHER in Storage Sense? 12:13
Run Storage Sense For the First Time 13:06
Use Storage Sense to Remove Temporary Files 14:15
How to Manually Delete User and Windows Temporary Files 15:11
Windows 10 Storage Sense Summary 17:30

If you do want to use a non-Microsoft utility to clean up your drive we have a video explaining how to source and use CCleaner HERE which is an excellent and free app.


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