If you have ever worked with Microsoft Word you will know that one of the least understood functions are Headers and Footers.  It is not that headers and footers are hard to use; it is that most people don’t use them frequently so when something happens to them, users don’t know how to fix or modify headers and footers.

Some of the most common questions we receive from end users is “What happened to my header?”, “Why can’t I see the header in Microsoft Word?” and “Where is the top of the page margin in Word?”.

By default you can see headers and footers on the screen but they are easy to accidentally turn off.

To see the margin at the top of a page in MS Word:

  1. Move your pointer to the space between the top of your white page and the bottom of the command ribbon
  2. Double click
  3. Enjoy

cannot see header or footer missing in ms wordAlternately to turn headers and footers on, you can click INSERT then HEADER (or FOOTER).

add a header or footer in ms word

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