Every business aims to attract more customers. Where do these clients come from? One of the most efficient ways to connect with your target audience and eventually convert them into buyers is through social media.

Did you know that social media is the place of residence for 4.48 billion people worldwide? For businesses, it means huge opportunities to engage with their prospects, build brand awareness, and establish long-term customer relationships. Social media is a powerful tool to increase your website traffic. However, in order to succeed, you should use these platforms competently. Let’s dive deeper into the winning tactics aimed to promote a website on social media.

Tips on How to Increase Social Media Traffic to Your Website

So how exactly should you leverage social media to enhance your website visits? Several comprehensive tips will help you on your way.

Optimize your post for each SM platform

Your marketing strategy can include the use of any social media platform or many of them. However, each one has its specific rules. Therefore, you should optimize your content to make the maximum of any site.

Here are the main regulations and practices of the most widespread SM platforms:

  • Facebook. This site does not limit the number of characters in your posts. Use videos and photos with a short copy and a strong call-to-action to make them work best.
  • Twitter. The network allows publishing only posts 140 characters long, so a clear and concise copy is a must.
  • Instagram. When creating your profile on Instagram, do not forget to fit in the 140-character word limit for the profile introduction. Therefore, you should be wisely laconic to appeal to your audience at first glance.
  • YouTube. Be careful when creating the title and description for your video, as you should use only appropriate words to describe its content. Otherwise, you can violate YouTube’s policies.
Develop the right schedule for publishing your posts

You want your audience to take specific actions in response to your post, don’t you? Then, you should reach out to them when they are ready to interact. Therefore, write to your prospects when they are most active.

How do you determine the optimum time?

Well, the periods of customer activity may vary from one segment to another, as well as across the business types. One of the ways to obtain actual information is by using analytics of your business pages. You can create those practically on any platform and consequently track your online performance.

This step is comparatively easy yet very efficient since by simply adjusting the publishing time, you will increase the likelihood of consumer interaction and their proceeding to your site.

Include pictures and videos in your posts to get more website traffic

Visual elements help to hook readers. Statistics prove that posts with images increase engagement by 650% compared to purely text posts. However, your visual content should be relevant and of high quality.

If you cannot create the proper images yourself, you can cooperate with a designer or photographer or use stock photos for your convenience.

Develop a viral content

What’s the easiest way to bring traffic to the website? Let your audience do that for you!
The very term “viral content” pertains to any online material, be it a text, image, or video, that gets spread rapidly through social sharing. There are no general rules of how to create viral content, but the main thing is that it should appeal to your audience to the extent that they become willing to share it.

social media magnet computer laptop

Which types of messages have the maximum potential of going viral?

  • Entertaining and optimistic. People like having fun and sharing it with others.
  • Sentimental. Both positive and negative emotions make the content more impactful.
  • Informative and relatable. Remedies, tips, and guidelines are likely to spread fast.
Conduct giveaways or contests to raise your website traffic

People love entertainment, competition, and the opportunity to get something for free. All of that can be provided by contests and giveaways. What’s more, this type of content can also go viral, engage your customers, and enhance their loyalty.

How does it work?

You can place a contest post that contains an invitation to visit your website for entering the game. Apart from this, you can allow multiple entries for those who take specific actions such as:

  • Follow your brand on social media;
  • Provide their emails;
  • Download your app.

This will help you not only gain traffic to the website but also accomplish other marketing goals like increasing followers and email lists.

Make your content easy to share

As already mentioned, people like to share interesting content. However, what if you discover such a piece but cannot find social sharing buttons to pass it to your friends? It is a disappointing experience for you and even more so for the brand since it loses its potential audience.

Therefore, wherever you post, make sure you incorporate social media buttons. Relieve your readers from the daunting work of copying the URL of your article and then pasting it in their posts. You can even add multiple social sharing buttons and make them visible and eye-catching.

Apart from this, you can include the ongoing count to demonstrate how actively your content is being shared.

Social media share buttons and share counts for React

Include hashtags

Relevant and useful hashtags help your post reach a broader audience. Hashtags are especially efficient on Instagram and Twitter. However, you should avoid hashtags concerning sensitive topics and irrelevant hashtags, even those that are trending.

The proper hashtags will aid users in finding your content, which eventually helps drive more traffic to the website.

To sum up, there are numerous ways to promote a website on social media. We highlighted several of them in this article, but modern social media platforms offer many more exciting opportunities for curious and creative marketers. Besides, the tools that bring traffic to the website are not limited merely to SM platforms. SEO, PPC, content marketing, and other digital marketing instruments serve this purpose likewise. Your overall strategy should include an effective combination of efforts based on your business goals, resources, and time limits.


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