If you have launched Outlook and click the To Do checkmark to find that it errors out with something like Cannot Connect To Teams, Please Try Again Later, we have the answer.

outlook todo cannot connect to teams try again laterWe have seen this ToDo error in Outlook several times and each time it had nothing to do with Teams (at least nothing visible).  The problem is that the ToDo app has an upgrade waiting and it will not function with Outlook until it the upgrade is completed:

ToDo Update Message

So what you need to do to get Outlook to work with ToDo is launch “To Do” manually and agree to the upgrade:

  1. Click START and type TO DO
  2. Click on MICROSOFT TO DO
  3. Agree to the update
  4. Wait for the To Do update to finish
  5. Close To Do and Outlook
  6. Launch To Do then launch Outlook and click the TO DO check mark inside Outlook
  7. Enjoy


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