Ethereum was the second Bitcoin, or so to say, it was made as an alternative to Bitcoin, trying to plug the holes in the framework of Bitcoin. It is the best Altcoin and currently occupies a 25% share of the Cryptocurrency market. Developers utilize the Ethereum blockchain to create what are known as decentralized applications (aka DApps). They must purchase Ethereum’s associated token, Ether, to access the network (ETH). Similarly, users must pay in Ether to interact with a decentralized program. Ethereum Code site provides you with the services of trading in Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies.

What Is Ethereum Worth?

Ethereum coin vs bitcoinEthereum came to be in 2018 as an alternative to Bitcoin and quickly hit several new all-time highs in November 2021. Since last year, its value has fluctuated between $1,000 and $4,800 per coin. Although Ethereum’s price has fallen since its all-time high last year, it was still much higher than the $1,000 level a year ago. Ethereum’s price varies a lot, like most Cryptocurrencies.

Any Crypto investor should be prepared for price fluctuations as the market is highly volatile. Despite the extraordinary price fluctuations, it’s also worth remembering that Ethereum, like any other Cryptocurrency, has value because they thrive on the speculation of the users. Its price is not tied to any commodity or currency, making it riskier as there is no regulatory authority. Therefore, it’s prone to extreme swings based on external variables like media interest or proposed Crypto legislation.

How To Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum coinInvestors can buy and hold either as a long-term investment, similar to Bitcoin, hoping that its value will rise. However, as with any Cryptocurrency investment, the price of Ether is expected to fluctuate a lot in the short term. Because of this volatility, investing professionals advise keeping Cryptocurrency investments to less than 5% of your portfolio and only investing what you’re willing to lose.

  • Choose a Cryptocurrency trading platform: You’ll need to use an exchange platform because you can’t buy Cryptocurrencies from a bank or an online brokerage. It is because Ethereum has become so popular that most Cryptocurrency exchanges will let you buy it. It is also one of the few Cryptocurrencies that can be purchased via services such as Venmo or PayPal.
  • Fund your Account: To open an account with a Crypto exchange, you’ll almost certainly need to supply some personal identification. This is followed by adding money to the wallet or platform so that you can buy Cryptocurrency. This does not imply that you have acquired Ethereum. You now need to invest funds to purchase Ethereum to support.
  • Place and Store your Ethereum: Depending on Ethereum’s pricing and how much you wish to buy, you can purchase shares of a single Ethereum currency share. Your purchase will be displayed as a percentage of a total Ether coin. It’s advisable to leave the whole buy in the platform’s account if it is small, but for better management, one can try to get a digital wallet with better security measures.


The Cryptocurrency market is volatile to an extent where the value of the investments can turn to zero. One needs to conduct proper research before investing money into the market. There are security measures in place, but there is no regulating authority to help in case of scams. To be informed of all the implications is the best security against scams.


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