For those of us who work in the corporate world, Outlook is an absolute killer app we cannot live without.  To make it better, Microsoft has been working hard to get the web version (OWA: Outlook Web App) to have the same functions and features as the desktop version.  Today however, I was given the option to try the new desktop version of Outlook and found that now Microsoft has simply stripped the features from Outlook that did not exist in OWA.

This is completely unacceptable.  Here are four functions I NEED to make my world flow that no longer exist in Outlook:

1: QUICK TEXT Is Removed From Outlook

Major Problems with New OutlookWe run a business have half a dozen “canned” responses ready to respond to emails with just 2 clicks.  Quick Text just does not exist in the new Outlook and although Microsoft told us it is being worked on, we cannot wait for it and will have to flip back to the old version of Outlook

2: Email Message RECALL Removed From Outlook

Like OWA, RECALL MESSAGE seems to have been removed. That is a 100% show stopper for my corporate clients – while RECALL is seldom used, it is critical and the OWA function which just DELAYs messages for 10 seconds is useless.


I HATE (which is a word I hate to use) working in the content panel on the right of inbox list and insist on having both forwarded, replied to and new emails popout in a separate window.  This is not an option in the new Outlook.

4: CNTL+A No Longer Works in Outlook

In a REPLY / FOWARD, CNTL+A should SELECT ALL, but it only selects the NEW part of the message. If I want the entire message, I have to click into the original message and then CNTL+A – no good SELECT ALL should select all text.




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