As a computer tech I’m often asked what computer someone should buy, especially during the back to school season. It’s been my experience that without that direction they typically go to a store and buy something pretty that an experience an inexperienced commissioned salesperson tells them is right for them. In other words they are buying blind.

This video doesn’t tell you what computer to buy. it tells you the features that you should consider and why those features might be important to you.

We discuss Intel versus AMD, what an Intel performance core is, what an Intel efficient efficiency core is, is a touch screen worth the money, is 12th gen Intel Iris XE video good enough to play games these days, does the speed of the memory make any difference, what should you look for in a hard drive.

Here is how the video is broken down south you can skip right to the part you care about:

Introduction 0:00
1 – What is a Computer Form Factor 0:45
FORM FACTOR – What is an All-In-One Computer 1:29
2 How to choose a computer screen 1:50
SCREEN – What is 4K? 2:05
SCREEN – Are Touch Screens Worth The Money 3:07
3 – Does Laptop Weight Really Make a Difference 3:43
4 – How to Choose a CPU? 4:13
CPU – Is AMD better than AMD? 4:30
CPU – What Does Intel CPU Coding Mean 4:40
CPU – Are 12th Generation Intel CPUs Better? 5:05
CPU – What is the difference between Intel P-cores and E-cores? 5:50
CPU – Are Intel E-Cores powerful? 6:18
CPU – Intel i3 vs Intel i5 vs Intel i7 7:00
CPU – Intel i5-1235U benchmark & i7-1255U benchmark 7:33
CPU – Is the Intel i7 really better than the 95? 8:00
5 – How to choose a video card 9:55
GPU – Whats the difference between Intel Iris Xe on a i5 and i7? 10:12
GPU – Intel Iris Xe vs Nvidia MX550 10:51
GPU – Is Intel Irix Xe Graphics good for Games? 11:15
GPU – Intel i7 Iris Xe vs Nvidia MX550 Benchmark 11:30
6 – How To Choose a Hard Drive 12:12
7 – How much RAM Memory does a computer need? 12:55
8 – Bits Camera Keyboard Mouse 13:44

Camera – What is a Windows Hello & Biometric Camera? 14:15
9 – Best place to buy a computer 15:14
Buy – Is Costco a good place to buy a computer 15:20
10 – Misc – Color, Size, Discounts
Misc – Discount – How to get a Dell Promo Code 15:48
Misc – Brand – Computer Brands to Avoid 16:50
Outro 18:17


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