The Intel Connectivity Performance Suite is software that does two things to vastly improve your network quality:

  1. It tunes network drivers (software that manages the hardware) to operate a peak performance for the communication you have. For instance, this might include changing the size of the packets being sent.
  2. Dynamically sets the priority of some communication over others. For instance, voice and video calls will processed before, a YouTube video stream, but a YouTube video stream would have its packets processed before email packets. This is because there is a video conference call is considered a failure if there are any breaks or jitter and an email is far less time sensitive than a YouTube video stream. In the IT world we call this “Quality of Service” (QoS) settings which have been around for years .
Intel Connectivity Performance Suite

The software only works on laptops, tablets and All-in-Ones that have 12th generation (and newer) Intel Core CPU’s AND WiFi 6 or 6E (Gig+) wireless network cards. Further, this software requires additional licensing.

This software only works on specific Intel® Evo™ and Intel vPro® platforms with Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (or greater) products.

The Intel Connectivity Performance Suite can be downloaded HERE and is part Intel vPro Management solution.


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