What is the difference between Stop and Shutdown in Azure? It depends on what you want to do but if you are done with the VM for a while, you likely want to STOP the Azure VM.

The two ways most admins “shutdown” virtual machines is they way they always have, by RDP’ing to the VM, logging in, right clicking on the START button and selecting SHUTDOWN. Shutting down the OS will do just that, but it will not stop Azure from holding resources like CPU and dynamic IP addresses. As such Microsoft will keep billing you for the resources and that can get expensive over time or if you have many VM’s.

Stop, on the other hand does two things:

  1. Stop gracefully shuts down the operating system
  2. Deallocates the Azure resources, which means you stop paying for them
azure stopped vs stopped dealocated difference

Stopped vs Stopped (Deallocated)

The difference between Stopped and Stopped (Deallocated) is how the the machine was shutdown and if you are still paying.

A “Stopped” VM means that the operating system has shutdown, most likely when an administrator initiated a shutdown. While “Stopped (Deallocated)” means the operating system is off and you are no longer being charged for most Azure resources (like CPU’s).


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