In this video we explain how to change the battery in your computer that keeps track of your configuration settings and the system time even when it’s powered off and unplugged.

One way to tell that your motherboard CMOS battery needs to be changed is that is that when you power it up after being unplugged for a while you get you get configuration errors often relating to the date and time.

In this video we bought ours from Amazon but it really but it really doesn’t make any difference where you get them from and it really doesn’t make much difference what the brand is.

To change the CMOS battery in your motherboard and fix BIOS time wrong errors, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the computer and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Locate the battery on the motherboard. It’s usually a small, round, and flat battery (resembles a watch battery).
  3. Release the battery from its holder by pressing the locking tabs or gently prying it up with a flat tool.
  4. Replace the battery with a new one of the same type and voltage.
  5. Reinstall the battery into the holder and make sure it’s securely in place.
  6. Plug the computer back in and turn it on.
  7. Enter the BIOS setup and correct the date and time.
  8. Save and exit the BIOS setup.

Note: The specific steps and location of the battery may vary depending on your motherboard model, so consult the manual or manufacturer’s website for details.


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