What a beginner needs to know about the Unholy specialization of the Death Knight class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

To master any class well for playing World of Warcraft, you need to read the detailed knowledge of high efficiency, tactics and roleplaying techniques and understand the mechanics so as not to abandon the character at the first difficulties.

Dishonesty is a versatile specialization for a tank that allows you to deal high-quality damage to one or more targets and at the same time remain the main defender of the group, who can protect himself and allies.

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A tank, like no one else, needs a large supply of gold, since he needs to invest not only in protective equipment, which will allow him to withstand the main urn, but also in offensive equipment in order to be able to pump on his own, without the participation of classes that cause damage.

You can earn gold in several ways:

  1. Buy WoW Gold in a specialized store. The service guarantees anonymity during the transaction and disguises the exchange as a classic trade between players, so that the gaming administration does not even have a formal reason to impose gaming sanctions.
  2. Complete story and secondary quests that will bring gold. For story quests, you will be prompted by a local guide and quests will go in a chain, one after another, and auxiliary tasks are quite common in the World of Warcraft, so you just need to carefully monitor the surrounding NPCs and track the reward before accepting it – not every task gives a decent reward for it performance.
  3. Practice professions – there are gathering and crafting professions in World of Warcraft. If you are only engaged in gathering (mining, collecting herbs, skinning) then you will be able to sell the extracted resources to artisans and have your own gold. If you want to craft yourself, these professions will help you gather the necessary materials and develop crafts (blacksmithing, leatherworking, tailoring, jewelry, inscription and engineering). You will have only two slots for a profession, and you need to make a choice. If the goal is to earn gold, we take two gathering professions and fishing with cooking. If the goal is to upgrade the craft, then we take one collective and craft – related to each other.

Death Knight Unholy Specialization Basics in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The main purpose of the Unholy rotation is to deal fast burst damage with a combination of defensive cooldown skills.

Unholy specialization will come in handy, which will provide accurate and explosive single and AoE damage. She has a complex system of cooldowns and a series of skills, but she is considered one of the most effective in World of Warcraft.

  • Use the Festering Wound skill on the target – it deals damage to the enemy and explodes during his death and deals damage to all surrounding enemies.
  • Combine the Festering Wound skill with Decay Strike to maintain and accumulate the effect of the first skill and increase damage.
  • Use Scourge Strike to deal damage and amplify it by breaking through the accumulated levels of the Festering Wound skill.
  • Use Death Coil to damage an enemy or heal an undead ally.
  • Use Deadly Plague to build up effects that will damage the target and explode, damaging other enemies when the enemy dies. The Epidemic skill will help to detonate all current effects of the Deadly Plague and deal strong AoE damage.
  • Outbreak of Disease – Deals heavy AoE damage and applies an entry-level Deadly Plague effect to affected enemies with an instant trigger effect.
  • Unholy Corruption – Summons a swarm of insects that attack all enemies in a radius near the player and inflict the effects of Deadly Plague and Unholy Disease.
Talents World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Useful stats for Death Knight’s Unholy specialization

  • Speed – Increases movement speed and attack speed when equipped with a weapon that deals physical damage.
  • Mastery – Allows you to deal increased damage with skills and normal attacks.
  • Critical hit – gives a chance to deal double damage when a critical effect is triggered. When pumping the chance and strength of a physical critical strike, the overall potential of a class with a physical type of damage also increases.
  • Versatility – Increases overall attack and defense, increasing effects equally, gradually and evenly. The stronger the character in the attack, the higher the defense indicators and vice versa.

Death Knight class rotation and basic skills

  • Army of the Dead – Summons ghouls who fight on your side for 30 seconds and deal damage.
  • Outbreak of disease and unclean corruption – inflict maximum damage on single and mass targets, impose negative effects.
  • Decomposition Strike – Deals damage and adds the effect of festering ulcers of 2 or 3 levels.
  • Summon Gargoyle – Summons a pet, a gargoyle, which will attack the enemy for 15 seconds. Damage can be increased by 1% of each rune used.
  • Face of death – deals damage to the enemy, or restores health to an undead ally.
  • Apocalypse is a combo skill that deals shadow damage to the target, inflicts and immediately implements the effect of festering wounds and sets ghouls to deal damage.

Unclean Death Knight Class Benefits

  • The ability to deal situational single and massive explosive damage.
  • Target control skills – the grip of death, will not allow opponents to attack your allies.
  • Increases magic resistance for yourself and allies, and has resistance to knockback skills.
  • It can deal damage not only at close range, but also at long distances.
  • It has a good indicator of armor, health and overall survivability.


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