Machines in Azure has a health service sends a heartbeat notice to a management server which informs that the machine is still responding. After a number of failures do not arrive, Azure Arc reports an alert.

If you want to use the Windows GUI to see how the Azure Arc heart beat is working, check Microsoft Monitoring Agent in SERVICES.MSC.

If you need to verify that Azure Arc is still working simply:

  1. Open a PowerShell or Windows Terminal as an Administrator
  2. Type azcmagent show
    • look at the status of the GC SERVICE, EXTENSION SERVICE and the AGENT SERVICE
  3. Type azcmagent check for more details

SOLVED: Missing Windows Server Agent Heartbeat - Check Azure Arc Status

How To Troubleshoot Azure Arc Monitor Agent

For full details on how to troubleshoot the Azure Monitor Agent, click HERE for a very good Microsoft article.


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