In this video, we’ll be reviewing the Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD22TB4. This dock is designed to provide a quick and easy way to connect your devices to your computer. We’ll go over the unboxing and setup process, and then give you a review of the dock itself.

This may be the best displayport docking station ever. It has an interchangable and upgradable Thunderbolt 4 module. We explain all of the ports on the Dell WD22TB4 dock including what a USB-C Multifunction DisplayPort is.

How Fast Is Thunderbolt 4?

Here is a table of all the key Thunderbolt 4 specifications compared to Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 and USB 3.

thunderbolt 4 vs 3 vs usb 4 vs 3-comparison-chart

How Many Monitors Will DisplayPort 1.4 Daisy Chain Together?

This information is taken from the Dell website which explain what MST (Multi-Stream Transport) and how many monitors can be daisy chained together.

As you can see DisplayPort 1.2 allows for 5 monitors at a reduced resolution while DisplayPort 1.4 supports up to 6 monitors connected at 1920×1080.

displayport daisy chain mst
how many displayport 1.4 monitors can I daisy chain together

USB 2 vs USB 3 vs USB 3.1 Gen1 vs USB 3.1 Gen2 Transfer Rates

usb 2 vs 3 vs 31gen1 vs 31gen2 chart

Dell WD22TB4 Docking Station Summary

If you’re in the market for a good USB dock, then be sure to check out the Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD22TB4. This dock is highly recommended by our team, and is perfect for both home and office use! This could be the best docking station of 2023 and 2024.


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