Artificial Intelligence has impacted our lives in a big way, revolutionizing the way that we go about our day-to-day lives. Work and play have all felt its influence, but no more so than the game of poker. The introduction of AI to poker and online gaming, in general, has shaped a new way to play. Recent studies have indicated that one in five professional poker players have been using ChatGPT to win hands, showing how much of an integral part of online poker AI has become.

Skill and Strategy

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Playing poker has always been a game of strategy, skill and psychology, with players relying on their experience, knowledge and intuition to get a step ahead of their competitors. The advent of AI has changed how pros play online poker tournaments using machine learning algorithms. These machine algorithms analyze a large amount of data to establish patterns and predict future outcomes. Online poker is a good use for this technology since players can’t see their opponents and must make decisions solely based on their actions and betting patterns.

Poker pro, Fedor Kruse, was recently caught playing online cash games with Real Time Assistance software (RTA). By including community cards, previous bets and pot size in the RTA program, users can make the best play according to the game-theory optimal (GTO) strategy.

How AI has Evolved in the Last Five Years

Over the last five years, AI has come a long way. AI technology has seen significant advances, everything from automation to voice recognition. AI has been automated to complete the mundane tasks that people no longer want to do, such as customer service, medical diagnosis and data analysis. We now use AI in our homes and work lives using virtual assistants, Alexa and Siri.

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AI has also been used to increase the efficiency and safety of many industries, such as the automation industry. Many vehicles are now included with AI technologies to help avoid collisions and navigate traffic. Likewise, AI has also been introduced into the manufacturing process to optimize production lines to deliver optimum efficiency.


ChatGPT is one of the major AI tools available. It is a vast language model trained by OpenAI and has now become one of the most popular tools for online poker players. ChatGPT uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop an understanding and respond to text-based queries. Based on the current game state and opponent behavior, ChatGPT provides recommendations based on hand histories.

One of the main benefits of using ChatGPT to play online poker is that it can provide real-time feedback and analysis, allowing players to adjust their strategies and make better decisions in faster moments. A significant advantage of ChatGPT comes from its ability to analyze millions of data points simultaneously, which gives players a clear advantage over players relying solely on intuition.

AI is Here to Stay

There are genuine concerns surrounding the use of AI in online poker tournaments, with many players believing that the use of AI has the potential to reduce the skill needed to play the game. Furthermore, there are also worries that there will be more examples of cheating present in tournaments, giving players an unfair advantage over those players who use the knowledge, skills and experience they have built over time.

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However, online poker is still going strong even as AI gains traction. The development of more advanced algorithms and tools for online gaming is expected to accelerate as AI technology continues to evolve. Many players have attributed their build of knowledge and experience to playing against AI. Over a third of poker experts believe that playing games and tournaments against AI is much more enjoyable than playing against other people and a much more streamlined approach to building their poker skills.

Online poker players have become increasingly dependent on AI tools like ChatGPT, which has significantly impacted AI. Despite the serious concerns about cheating or a reduction in playing skills, real-time AI decision-making can offer considerable advantages, provided it is not applied against live opponents. Increasing advances in AI technology will lead to an even greater variety of applications in online gaming and elsewhere.

On the opposing side, there is much more evidence of online gaming operators that have invested in AI usage detection software when people are playing online. It is no doubt that AI is going to become more integrated into the world of online poker. Whether for or against it, poker players will have to adapt to this new way of playing and embrace how these recent technological advancements will affect the poker game to remain as competitive as they have been without using them.


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