The Dopesplay DR158W Lapdock looks like a laptop but it has no core CPU. It is just a large battery, touchscreen, keyboard and some controllers with USB ports. It allows for Apple iOS and Android cellphones to operate like a laptop.

In the case of Samsung Galaxy cell phones it is the best DEX system we have used. The Samsung Dexpad is easy to use but requires some technical skill. The Dopesplay DR158W Lapdock connects wirelessly to both Android and Apple iOS phones with very little effort.

This might be the cheapest Chromebook with serious computing power ever and it certainly might be the very best Chromebook on the market today. It could be the best Apple iPhone docking station.

0:00 Introduction
0:17 What is a Lapdock?
1:18 Lapdock History LG & Motorola
2:20 Unboxing Cables & Ports on Dopesplay DR158W Lapdock
4:05 What is sRGB
4:50 How to Connect Android to Dopesplay DR158 Lapdock
5:18 How to Connect Apple iPhone to Dopesplay DR158 Lapdock
5:25 How to Connect PC, XBox, PS5, Switch, to DR158
6:04 Hardware Configuration of DR158
6:28 Connect Samsung Galaxy to Does Play DR158 Lapdock Wirelessly
7:00 Connect Samsung DeX to DR158 Cell dock Wirelessly
7:23 Wireless chargepad
7:28 How to Turn Samsung Android into Chromebook
7:33 Chromebook demonstration
8:02 DR158 Lapdock vs Samsung Dexpad / Dex Station
8:18 Use cell at the same time as the Chromebook
9:00 Connect DR158 laptop to a Windows PC using HDMI cable
9:55 Dopesplay DR158 Disassembly
10:13 Dopesplay DR158 Review – Problems
10:45 Dopesplay DR158 Review – Recommendation
11:20 Outro

This lapdock can also be used as wireless OR wired screen for pretty much anything that outputs HDMI Means that you can use it as a second screen for your laptop, PC, Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch or even some projectors.

The key is that the large touch screen and keyboard use an internal battery, just like a laptop. That means you don’t have to plug it in to use it And that means it’s very useful for mobility applications.

Imagine being on a plane and wanting to watch a movie on a large screen or wanting to work on your Microsoft OneDrive files, or Google Docs, or anything else that can run from your cell phone.

The Dopesplay DR158W Lapdock Quickly and easily converts Android cell phones to run as Chromebooks. This has been tried several times in the past from other companies but but we think this is now a practical.


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