Is the the Yaber Pro Y9 the best projector ever, definitely not, but it might just be the best cheap projector ever.

Do you need an inexpensive hike but high quality projector that is portable enough to even use outside as well as inside? Well the Yaber Pro Y9 might just be the product for you. The Yaber Pro Y-9 was definitely the best projector for us.

We also explained what to look for when you’re buying a projector. If you’re trying to buy a portable projector you should really watch this because we go over all of the specs that you need to know. We answer questions like does the number of lumens really make a difference? How far back from the screen should a projector sit? Is there a good cheap 4K projector? What does 1080p mean? What does 4K mean? What is a mini WiFi projector?

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Does Yaber make good projectors?
0:40 Best Cheap Budget Projector
1:26 Whats the difference between Yaber Projectors King, Youth, Portable
2:00 How Far Back Should a Projector Be From The Screen
2:50 What are lumens?
3:20 What does 1080P and 4K mean?
3:55 What to Look For in a Budget Projector
4:14 What is keystone
4:35 Yaber Pro Y9 Specifications and Features
5:40 Yaber Pro Y9 Unboxing
7:20 How to Clean Yaber Pro Y9
7:55 Yaber Pro Y9 Setup
8:50 Play movies from USB stick on Yaber Y9
9:30 Connect mobile phone to Yaber Pro Y9 using Miracast
10:50 Connect laptop to Yaber Pro Y9 using HDMI
11:30 How clear is the Yaber Pro Y9
12:07 Connect Yaber Pro Y9 to Bluetooth Speaker
12:50 Yaber Pro Y9 settings
13:25 Play picture slidehsow on Yaber Pro Y9
13:56 Yaber Pro Y9 Review

It really could be the best budget projector on the market today. We tell you all about the Yabba product line and then unbox the yabber pro Y-9 before showing how to set it up and use it with USB sticks, WiFi, your mobile cell phone. Yes, you can wirelessly connect your mobile phone to the Yaber Pro Y9. Being able to mirror your cell phone to the Yaber Y9 projector is pretty cool and it is very easy to do.

This Yaber Pro Y9 projector can easily be used in your bedroom in your home theater outdoors or indoors. It is light and portable and dramatically better than the ultraportable Pico projectors I have used in the past.


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