This is a follow up list to the top 200 worst passwords which we have HERE. This list shows the top 25 most common worst passwords used in Canada. This list was compiled by looking at recently hacked website information and filtering it by country; in this case Canada

most common worst passwords in Canada

We also took the extra step of putting this information into an algorithm that estimates how log it will take to crack each of these bad passwords. This is done through what’s called a brute force attack in which a hacker uses a list of thousands of known passwords, and tries each one of them, one at a time, until he succeeds. Brute force attacks could be easily defeated by either:

  1. using requiring two factor authentication (2FA/MFA) or
  2. limiting the number of failed attempts to three or four, before locking the account

This is a top 25 list but the 26th was so colorful we decided to extend the list a bit just for you:

Worst Password In Canada RankPasswordTime To Crack
1123456< 1 Second
2password< 1 Second
354321< 1 Second
4123456789< 1 Second
5guest10 Seconds
6qwerty< 1 Second
712345678< 1 Second
81234567< 1 Second
912345< 1 Second
10abc123< 1 Second
11welcome< 1 Second
12hockey< 1 Second
13soccer< 1 Second
14123123< 1 Second
151234567898< 1 Second
161234< 1 Second
171q2w3e4r< 1 Second
18collegeprep1 Hour
19canada< 1 Second
20iloveyou< 1 Second
21shadow< 1 Second
22a1b2c3< 1 Second
23dragon< 1 Second
24killer< 1 Second
25111111< 1 Second
26fuckyou< 1 Second


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