We recently had a client with DHCP errors appearing every hour as shown below:

PTR record registration for IPv4 address [[172.16.5.xx]] and FQDN cal2-e0cbbc90df.domain.com failed with error 9009 (DNS server not authoritative for zone.)

PTR Record Registration for IPv4 Address Failed with Error 9009 (DNS Server Not Authoritative for Zone.) Event ID 20322

It there are two known causes for this problem, both with easy fixes:

1 – Wrong Network Location

This is one we have not seen ourselves but one we stumbled on while researching the problem.

Look at the servers location in NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER. Apparently, the error above can occur if your DNS server is set to anything other than a DOMAIN computer. If it thinks it is on a PUBLIC network, it will be bad. You can solve this problem in a number of ways:

  1. A reboot might fix it
  2. Restart the NETWORK LOCATION AWARENESS service
  3. Remove the network card and re-add it (obviously you will need to reenter the IP information, so note down the IP, DNS, Gateway… before you use Device Manager to delete the NIC).

2 – The Reverse Lookup Zone Does Not Exist

This we have seen before and this was our problem yesterday. Again, this is very easy to fix. Just create a new Reverse lookup zone:

Create New Reverse Lookup Zone
  1. On your DNS server, right click on REVERSE LOOKUP ZONE and select NEW ZONE
  2. Click NEXT through all of the screens until you get to NETWORK ID
  3. In NETWORK ID enter the first 3 octets of your IP zone
    • For example if your Forward Zone was you would enter 172.16.10 in the NETWORK ID field
  4. Click NEXT and then click FINISH

Wait a until the next hour cycle comes up and confirm:

  1. there are some entries in that reverse lookup zone
  2. there are no more errors in the event log


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