We just published a short article explaining why it might be a good idea to disable Generative AI functions in some software. Most notably, Adobe’s AI ingests into its learning model whatever you ask of it. That means if you ask it a question about something confidential that confidential information may be exposed to other users in the future.

Here are three easy ways to disable Adobe Acrobat’s Generative AI functions:

1 – GUI To Disable Adobe Generative AI Features

GUI To Disable Adobe Generative AI Features
  1. Close all Adobe software. Launch Adobe Acrobat
  2. Navigate to Preferences then to Generative AI (in the menu on the left)
  3. Uncheck ‘Enable generative AI features in Acrobat
  4. Click OK

2 – Group Policy GPO To Disable Adobe Generative AI Features

  1. Launch REGEDIT.EXE as an Administror
  2. Edit or create the following registry key
    Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Adobe > Adobe Acrobat > DC > \FeatureLockDown
  3. Create a new DWord named bEnableGentech
  4. Set its value to 0

Close any open Adobe Adobe Acrobat software and the next time it is launched Adobe AI functions will be disabled.

3 – Group Policy GPO To Disable Adobe Generative AI Features

gpo to disable adobe generative AI
  1. On a Domain Controller, launch Group Policy Management Console
  2. Edit an existing GPO or right click and create / edit a new one
  3. Expand
  4. Right click and CREATE > REGISTRY ENTRY
  7. Set KEY PATH to SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\DC\FeatureLockDown
  8. Set VALUE NAME to bEnableGentech
  9. Set VALUE TYPE to REG_DWord
  10. Set VALUE DATA to 0 (Decimal)

You can then apply this GPO using the GPUPDATE /FORCE command on any computer that is in an OU which has this GPO applied to it.

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