If you are an administrator of Windows computers there will be a time when you need to shut down and or reboot a computer from another computer. Our case we just had a server that wouldn’t let us log in even after we remotely restarted services and remotely killed other users, so we found ourselves with only a few alternatives and the easiest was to restart the stuck server from a different server.

Fortunately, restarting a computer remotely is very simple:

  1. Open a CMD prompt (or PowerShell, or Windows Terminal) AS AN ADMINISTRATOR
  2. Enter Shutdown /r /m \\servername /t 0
  3. Press the ENTER key

As noted in the screenshot below:

/r = Reboot

/m = Name of the machine you want to shutdown / restart

/t = How many seconds delay do you want, we wanted zero seconds… just do it… now

command to shutdown and restart a computer remotely


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