teams status dot colors explained

Most people can figure out what status someone in Microsoft Teams just from the color of the dot. Words are not necessary as they follow the universal vehicle stop light color scheme.

You don’t need to have a Computer Science degree to figure out that a Green Dot with a check mark in it, means the person is available.

However, there is one Teams circle dot status that confuses almost everyone.

What does the black dot / circle mean in Teams?

teams black status circle dot

A black circle or dot in Microsoft Teams means that their users status is “unknown”. That is not a very satisfactory answer so let us explain. The two times we regularly see the Teams black dot / circle is when:

  1. A new user has been created but not signed in for the first time
  2. An old user who’s account has been disabled, but still exists in the directory

Door number two is the situation shown to in the Teams status window shown the the right. The person had left the company, had his account disabled, but still had a Microsoft Teams license.


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