After some playing around, Googling and talking to Microsoft we verified that there is not a built-in feature to add a description or note directly to an Azure VM.

However, you can easily use Azure Tags to add metadata to your Azure resources, including VMs:

How To Add A Description Note To an Azure VM

  1. In the Azure portal, go to the VM you want to add a description to
  2. Under the Settings section, click on TAGS
  3. Click on + ADD to add a new tag
  4. Enter a name for your tag in the Name field (for example, “Description”)
    • As you can see in the screenshot above, we just use the NAME field and ignore the VALUE field, but you can enter text in the VALUE field if you wish
  5. Click the SAVE button

Tag Description Note To an Azure VM

Note that each resource in Azure can define up to 15 unique key/value pairs as tags.

Remember, tags are typically used for organizing resources, but they can also be used for setting any custom property on a resource.


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