When you change the computer name field for a virtual machine (VM) in VMware Cloud Director, it affects the guest operating system’s identification on the network.

However, it is important to note:

  1. Virtual Machine Name: Editing the VM name does not alter the name of the VM directory or rename the VM files on the host system
  2. Computer Name: Changing the computer and host name set in the guest operating system does not modify the VM’s directory name or rename its files on the host. The computer name field is restricted to 15 characters due to the old NetBIOS (think NT4) limitation on Windows computer names

To rename a VM in VMware Cloud Director, just:

  1. locate the VM and click on it
  2. on the GENERAL tab, click the small EDIT link
  3. Name the VM as you see fit, but keep it to 15 characters or less

how to rename a vm in VMware cloud director

Put simply, while the computer name change affects network identification within the guest OS, it does not directly impact the VM’s underlying files or directory structure.


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