And up and running technology is, our technicians use a wide variety of tools to diagnose and repair problems and one of our most frequently used tools is TreeSize from Jam Software. Tree size is a disk space analyzer that works on Windows Server and Desktop (like Windows 11 and 10).

treesize portable download

Tree size has three features that we like:

  1. It is very fast at analyzing disk space usage
  2. It is has a free version
  3. It has a portable version, meaning that it does not require an install

If you need a copy of that portable version of TreeSize we have it available HERE or you can download the latest version directly from Jam-Sofware HERE.

Jam-Software does have a paid version that includes some useful features, so you may find it worth the $60

  • Immediate display of the 100 largest files.
  • Various export formats like Excel, CSV or email.
  • Scan SharePoint (Online), Amazon S3 or Linux servers via SSH.
  • Use the versatile File Search to find duplicate or obsolete files
  • Use up to 64 threads for faster scans (compared to 2 threads in the free edition)


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