If you open up File Explorer (aka, COMPUTER, MY COMPUTER) and find that your C: drive has one or more folders that appear to be named just random letters and numbers, this is the article for you:

Randomly Named Folders In Root of C drive

Typically these are the residue leftover from various updates and upgrades.

The question you were likely wanting to know is can you safely delete all of the folders with random names in the root of your C drive? The answer is usually.

To cover our butts at URTech.ca, we create a new folder called C:\GARBAGE and then move all of those folders into that garbage folder. Personally, I don’t recall ever having a circumstance where we pulled the folders back out of that garbage folder but it is comforting to know that the folders \ files are there if things get ugly after a reboot or some other change.

If there has been no screening about these folders after the next reboot or within a couple of weeks come up we go back and delete the C:\GARBAGE folder and All of the randomly named folders inside it.

Note that if you’re cleaning up your C: drive you probably want to skim through our handy guide to cleaning the junk off your C drive HERE.


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