We produce a lot of content on our various YouTube channels including YouTube.com/@urtechdotca and YouTube.com/@issueslab and we often like to include a backing audio track to just make it more professional. However, we find over and over again that music we have licensed from sites like Jamendo and some musicians directly ends up being flagged on various platforms and we have to prove over and over again that we own or have a right to use this music for commercial purposes. It is very frustrating.

Enter YouTube Audio Library.

free for commercial use youtube audio library

If you log into YouTube studio you will notice on the left rail menu there is a link to YouTube AUDIO LIBRARY. If you look through there you will find thousands of songs that may be appropriate for whatever you’re producing and you can definitely use those for free on YouTube. However there are questions like do you need to provide a credit at the end of your video for that music and can you use that music for commercial purposes on other platforms like Instagram or TikTok and this article intends to answer those questions.

What You Need to Know About YouTube Audio Library:

Types of Tracks:

  • Free Music: Under the Free Music tab, you’ll find thousands of music tracks that are free to use. These tracks span various genres, moods, and durations. You can filter by genre, mood, artist, and more to find the ideal track for your video.
  • Sound Effects: The library also includes sound effects that you can use to enhance your videos.

Using Tracks on Other Platforms:

  • While the primary focus is YouTube, many of the tracks in the library can be used on other platforms, such as Instagram or other video-based social media platforms
  • Some tracks may require attribution, so make sure to check the licensing details for each specific track

How to Access the YouTube Audio Library:

  • Sign in to your YouTube Studio
  • In the left-hand menu, select AUDIO LIBRARY (or you can just click youtube.com/audiolibrary )
  • Browse through the available tracks, apply filters (at the top), preview tunes by clicking the > arrow, and find the perfect music or sound effect for your project

Remember to verify the licensing terms for each track before using it outside of YouTube. Happy creating!


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