If you see this error and you are trying to use the Windows Netflix app perhaps on Windows 10 or Windows 11 it likely means that you are using the base STANDARD WITH ADS Netflix plan.

netflix error u7111-1331 app fix

Whoops, something went wrong

Streaming Error
To watch on this device, change your plan at Netflix.com/ChangePlan .
Or you may have an older device that requires updating. Please visit help.netflix.com/node/127864 for more details. Error Code: E118

Error code: U7111-1331

To get to the point quickly, the Windows and Apple Netflix apps, do not yet support ads so Netflix errors out.

Buried in the Netflix documentation is this explanation:

A small percentage of devices that can play on ad-free Netflix plans can’t be used with an ad-supported Netflix plan. This is because either the Netflix app or software on the device can’t be updated to a version that supports ads.


This means it might be possible to watch a very small number of short Netflix videos using the Windows app but most content will have advertisements and so Netflix will simply fail with error U7111-1331.

How To Fix Netflix Error U7111-1331

The workaround is to simply use a browser like Microsoft Edge or Firefox or Chrome all of which will work just fine.

Alternately you could pay more, like three times as much to upgrade to the Netflix STANDARD or PREMIUM plans:


netflix plan pricing and description in Canada

On the off chance you’re not sure what which Netflix plan you’re on or you do want to pay more to get rid of the Neflix advertisements simply surf to https://netflix.com/account or https://www.netflix.com/ChangePlan


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