In our case we needed to upgrade an existing MDOT to NVME SSD from two terabytes to four terabytes and didn’t want to lose or damage our windows installation. We really did not want to reinstall everything from scratch. So we simply downloaded diskgenius for free and ran through the two different disk clone options, both of which work perfectly.

0:00 Intro
0:21 M.2 NVMe SSD USB Adaptor Enclosure Kit
0:56 Download Disk Genius
1:03 How to Clone an M.2 Drive with Disk Genius
1:55 Hot Migrate Drive Clone with DiskGenius
2:18 DiskGenius SSD Clone with Hot Migrate
2:43 Disk Genius SSD Clone Windows PE Method
3:04 Drive Clone with DiskGenius Hot Migrate vs Windows PE Method
3:27 Disk Genius M.2 SSD Clone Review
3:40 Outro

Learn how to clone your M.2 SSD drive for free and with ease using Disk Genius. Watch this step-by-step tutorial to make the process simple and free!


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