If you’ve purchased a Dell Latitude 5450 it probably didn’t come with enough memory or a large enough SSD drive.

In this easy to understand Dell latitude 5450 disassembly tutorial, We explain all of the parts and how to replace them, including the battery, the Wi-fi card, the Wan, the ram the SSD and we spend a fair amount of time explaining why the Intel Core Ultra CPU is so innovative.

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Dell Latitude 5450 Disassembly
1:05 Dell Latitude 5450 Battery Options
1:25 Dell 5450 WiFi Card 6E
1:32 Latitude 5450 WWAN Card
1:41 Dell Latitude 5450 Memory Upgrade (Timetec 64GB)
2:23 Dell Latitude 5450 SSD Upgrade (Timetec 2TB)
3:41 Load Windows 11 From USB Stick
4:15 Intel Core Ultra 125U Explained
4:50 How To Source & Load Drvie Controller Drivers
6:11 Complete Windows 11 Setup
6:30 Patching Windows 11
7:02 Outro

If you buy upgraded components directly from Dell, even at the time your Dell Latitude 5450 was purchased new, you will find their prices exorbitant.

We take a brand new Dell Latitude 5450 and immediately replace the memory and the SSD with the maximum amount allowed upgrade parts from Timetec. That is 64 gig of DDR5 for memory and two terabyte for the SSD.

We really wanted to install a 4 terabyte SSD but it’s just not possible in the 2230 M.2 form factor that this unit provides.


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