IT PRANKS: Google Gobble Gibble

Well most people use Google, so lets screw with that: Go to your “buddys” machine and launch Google Click PREFERENCES / SETTINGS  / the COG ICON (usually in the top right of the screen) Set the INTERFACE LANGUAGE to ELMER FUDD (yes, that is there) or GREEK More April Fools IT Gags Gold!


This is easy and fast: Launch Word 2007/2010 Click the Office Button/File Menu in 2007/2010  – Click TOOLS menu in 2003 and older Click WORD OPTIONS, PROOFING Click the AUTOCORRECT OPTIONS button In the AUTOCORRECT table set a common word to be something else like, THE set to CAT or IT to I AM SOOO GAY This is GOLD, BABY GOLD! April Fools IT gags!

An Evening in the Park

I met a girl in the park the other evening. There was an instant spark between us and she immediately dropped to her knees and laid on the grass at my feet. As we lay making love, I thought ”These taser guns are well worth the money.” NOT by Eric Ruygrok… but he sent this to me so he needs some credit.

Screen Misalignment

Another easy, fast but annoying  IT Gag.  THIS GAG REQUIRES THE USER TO HAVE TWO SCREENS.  If you user has only one, this will not work.  Most people, even techs, do not remember that every version of Windows since Win95 supports a minimum of 9 screens.  The idea was that you should be able to build a 3×3 screen video wall… and you can if you have enough video cards and monitors.  To make a…

Screen Shot Desktop

This is a simple IT Gag which I have never seen anyone else do before.  I like to think I invented it!  I can assure you that it is easy, fast, and really obnoxious. Take a PRINT SCREEN of you buddies desktop Save it as a .JPG Set that .JPG as the wallpaper.  The victim will not likely notice this for some time, which makes it all the better.  This will drive him nuts as he tries…

Blue Screen Of Death

This practical joke is always a winner and we have twist on it to make your friends nuts.   Just run either of the below on your friends machine and see if they lose their mind. OPTION 1: TYPICAL BSoD SCREEN SAVER You can downloaded the Blue Screen Of Death BSoD Screen Saver from me or directly from the Microsoft SysInternal page HERE.   In case you are wondering why Microsoft produced this… they didn’t… SysInterals produced it and then Microsoft bought…