Windows Vista Advanced Tips, Tricks & Facts

by Ian Matthews Written April 10, 2007 Last Update Feb 22, 2008  The purpose of this article is to provide a 15 minute guide to Windows Vista’s advanced features and functions.  There is a lot to learn so we also have three other articles you may want to read: Vista […]

Invisible File Extensions in Windows

Invisible file extensions on Windows By Floydman, Bachelor in Computer Sciences May 7th, 2001 Abstract The goal of this paper is to present the research I made on invisible file extensions on the Windows operating systems. After I published my initial research material on various places on the […]

On Site Support

HARDWARE & SOFTWARE We have found that most customers are tired of the excuses from ICT vendors… “… it’s the softwares fault” “…it’s Dell’s fault”. Fault is not important when you are having problems… getting it fixed is. We typically take end to end responsibily for anything that plugs into […]

Microsoft Releases MidMarket Promotion …Companies with 25 to 250 PCs will be targeted with the new discounted offer for a single SKU that combines three copies of the standard edition of Windows Server 2003, one instance of Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition and the workgroup edition of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005. The […]

Microsoft Adds Windows MMS Server Edition

By David Worthington, Following an interview with Orlando Ayala, senior vice president of Microsoft’s small and midmarket solutions group, Microsoft Watch is reporting that a new Windows Server edition will target mid-sized businesses. Known as Windows Midmarket Server (MMS), the SKU may an attempt to duplicate the success Microsoft […]

Microsoft Update Enters Beta Testing

By David Worthington, As expected, a beta program for the Microsoft Update (MU) service has opened up to solicit feedback from testers and troubleshoot prior to the site’s scheduled launch later in 2005. The site unifies Microsoft’s patching services and will be the primary destination for updates to Windows, […]